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Kakadu Media is typically known as digital branding and advertising agency, but whether we’re creating a Facebook marketing campaign for lead generation, or building subscribers for a YouTube channel, our goal is the same: profitable lead generation.

Google Adwords

Refine and scale your reach with paid Google Ad search. Effective large budget media campaign management.

Facebook Ads

Maximize your opportunities with Facebook and Instagram Ads, smart and memorable creatives, attracting qualified customers.

YouTube Ads

Promote your brand with hard to skip, appealing YouTube video Ads created specifically for you.

Public Relations

Become a known leader in the industry, set the trends. Speak to your ideal customer in a clear voice that is memorable for a long time.

Business Growth

It is all about the lean growth. Find out your own 80/20 rule. Maximize opportunities. Own your customer traffic. Increase your business value.

Lost Revenue Analysis

An average business is losing 10% of its revenue a year. Find out where you lose the cash. How to recover the money and prevent losses from happening again.

We present the findings in a 45-60 page report, including a detailed roadmap on how to get the lost revenue back every single year. Apart from lost revenue opportunities, we are to identify every single point where your company's revenue could be maximized and how it can be implemented and exactly how much revenue is untapped.


What do our clients say?

"In a matter of minutes they were able to walk me through this process that revealed over $540,000 in EXTRA income that we can easily generate inside my business. The crazy thing about this is that it is actually attainable and we've made a plan to make that happen."
Zephan Blaxberg
ZMB Live Streaming
"I spent 37 minutes on the phone with Troy, since then I’ve fired 80% of my nightmare clients and increased my income by 20% with clients that are a delight to work with every day."
Jimmy Parent, Copywriter
Wealth Press & Agora Financial
"They are charismatic marketers that have made my message jump off the page. Troy has actually given me results when building our company a funnel, unlike other marketers we’ve hired in the past. Great work Troy, we will be calling you back."
Valen Vergara
Origenne Energy
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