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Over $1,000,000 Per Year?

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Meet Our Team:

Julia Vorontsova

Owner and Growth Strategist.

Managing Marketing Teams for Large Scale Projects with Multi-channel Campaigns.

Troy Assoignon

Troy Assoignon - CRO & Conversion Optimization, Brand Development, Customer Journey & Client Success

Robert Szmigiel

Sales and Marketing, Account Management, Brand Development

Lost Revenue
Opportunity Analysis

Identify and recover lost revenue for your company.

This High-Level Analysis Includes:

  • We first Identify multiple opportunities to decrease your customer acquisition cost and improve customer retention. Examining very granularly every touchpoint with your customer online and offline, recording it on video and audio.
  • Then each step of your customer journey is mapped so we can pinpoint any bottle neck. (This is from the first time they interact with your company and become a paying customer.)
  • We also do a side by side comparison of your competitors process and your process, highlighting all of the wins and opportunities available, identifying where you can capitalize and get the upper hand.
  • Secret shopping your sales process so you can understand improvements.
  • Identify customer retention and customer referral opportunities so more people get sent your way, and you keep your clients longer to maximize LTV.
  • Online and offline marketing gaps, downfalls, and potential improvements where your process falls short and can get huge upside.
  • Analyzing the brand position and marketing position so the stance you take in the marketplace is strong and lasts the test of time.
  • Identify multiple opportunities to upgrade internal teams' knowledge and skill set so your team stays sharp and customer centric.

Our Clients Love Us

"In a matter of minutes they were able to walk me through this process that revealed over $540,000 in EXTRA income that we can easily generate inside my business. The crazy thing about this is that it is actually attainable and we've made a plan to make that happen."

- Zephan Blaxberg, ZMB Live Streaming

"They are charismatic marketers that have made my message jump off the page. Troy has actually given me results when building our company a funnel, unlike other marketers we’ve hired in the past. Great work Troy, we will be calling you back."

- Valen Vergara, Origenne Energy

"I spent 37 minutes on the phone with Troy, since then I’ve fired 80% of my nightmare clients and increased my income by 20% with clients that are a delight to work with every day."

- Jimmy Parent, Copywriter @ Wealth Press & Agora Financial