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Boosting Your Marketing Methods: How Email Can Upscale Your Business

Email marketing is like a superpower in the digital age. It can have positive or negative outcomes for your business, depending on how you use it. Emails either attract traffic to you or drive people away. No one wants to lose potential customers, so what’s the solution?

The aim of all promotion strategies is to increase commerce. Email marketing is a powerful tool that has massive potential for your business. It entertains consumers and maintains loyalty. It also boosts ROI (return on investment) for everyone involved.

How can you stand out in an advertising-saturated industry? It seems overwhelming, but it’s simpler than you might think. We’re here to guide you and keep you ahead of the game.

Join us as we dive deep into the untapped potential of email marketing. Learn unique strategies for upscaling your business. We’ll give you the best approaches for keeping consumers invested and happy.

Ready? Let’s get those traffic numbers up!

What is email marketing, and is it still relevant?

Technology has advanced to great heights in recent years. Using “snail mail” to reach people is a thing of the past. Today, you can contact someone at the opposite end of the globe in a matter of seconds.

Email marketing is exactly what it sounds like. It’s advertising and promoting your services or products through electronic mail. It’s excellent for building a rapport with your clients and keeping a strong customer base. 

Email may seem outdated to some people, especially in a constantly evolving world. Current statistics refute that statement. 

According to Statista, experts predict the global number of email users to reach 4.6 billion by 2025. It was 4.3 billion in 2022. 

This data alone is enough to attest to the superpower of email marketing. Reaching billions of people is easy. All it entails is typing content and clicking your mouse to send it. 

Achieving success involves more than a boring message that might go straight to “spam.”

You must grab people’s attention and provide valuable information in your emails. An attractive heading is the difference between someone opening it or deleting it. 

Why go to the effort?

It’s natural to think that emails aren’t worth your time in an industry dominated by social media marketing. Facebook ads generate around 22 billion clicks per year. YouTube plays one or two adverts per video, and promotions flood other apps in excess.

We’re not denying the power of social media platforms or telling you to stop marketing with them. In fact, we encourage it, but it’s vital to use many avenues. 

Emails are one of them. They’re still relevant and provide exceptional benefits for boosting your business. Let’s explore those advantages.

Why use email marketing?

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Successful marketing entails using different approaches until you find one that works best. One campaign may generate more leads than the next. The first two most popular factors for growing your business are your blog and website. Believe it or not, emails are third. 

Why are they important?

Here are eight benefits of email marketing:

  • Over 80% of email users open their inboxes at least once daily. Some check it several times, and many do it first thing in the morning. You have an advantage if your mail is one of the first they see, and it grabs their attention.
  • The average ROI for email marketing is $36–42 for each $1 you spend. For comparison, Internet Display’s ROI is about $19.72, and SEO is $22.24. Simply put, you can make more significant returns on emails.
  • Creating an email list allows you to communicate with your customers consistently. It opens the door for constant revenue and turns prospective buyers into repeat clients.
  • Regular (but not excessive) emails keep your business in the minds of your consumers. Chances are, seeing your brand name pop up a week after they forgot about it could motivate them to visit your site. It’s all about positive reinforcement.
  • Email marketing is affordable and efficient. It costs less than typical digital marketing and gives you a wider reach with less effort. Automation services let you set up pre-programmed deliveries. They help you reach many people with a single click. 
  • Personalized emails targeting your customers’ needs and wants increases engagement. It boosts the likelihood that they open the email and visit your site. Tailor your messages for consumer interest, and you’ll improve traffic and revenue.
  • Emails have a better conversion rate than general marketing. More people will open your message and click on your call to action (CTA). They express more interest in your services and products and boost revenue.
  • Email marketing isn’t as invasive as social media ads. You can better appeal to your customer base by providing valuable, non-intrusive content. It builds consumer loyalty and strengthens your business.

The rise of mobile phones has benefited marketing tremendously. Most of the global consumer population has a smartphone. They communicate, browse the internet, visit online stores, and make purchases with it.

Email marketing has experienced an increase in engagement among 77% of marketers. It takes advantage of this technology-dominated society by catering to consumers directly. 

You’re more likely to appeal to people with personal mail rather than a generic social media advert. Plus, most smartphone users prefer gentle email brand communication to in-their-face commercials.

Now you know why email marketing is essential. The next important step is learning how to use and maximize its potential. 

7 marketing strategies to upscale your business

Successful marketing is about more than raising awareness for your brand. You must be creative and unique when appealing to customers, old and new. What does that mean?

Think about the last few commercial emails you received. Did they grab your attention, or did you delete them without opening them? Was the content of the message appealing? Did it make you want to follow the CTA or visit the site?

These are essential questions to consider when thinking about your potential clients. The last thing you want is your messages going to spam.

The best digital marketing techniques put you in the shoes of your consumers. Knowing what they want, how they think, and what appeals to them can boost the success of your emails. Personalization also plays a significant role in attracting and maintaining loyal clients.

How do you set yourself apart from hundreds of generic advertising inbox messages? 

Let’s explore the top seven strategies for successful email marketing in 2023.

1. Add email sign-up buttons

Sign-up buttons are among the most vital factors for attracting traffic. You can’t build a mailing list if you don’t have people’s email addresses. 

First, ensure every advert you post or campaign you run has a CTA. Encourage people to visit your site by creating a catchy headline. Make it short and sweet. Highlight a couple of perks like featured products, discounts, or new services.

Then, add a “Sign Up” option on every page of your site. Remember that someone may visit any of your posts, new or old. You want to grab their attention immediately. An attractive post will motivate them to subscribe to your emails for more content

2. Set up welcome emails

Everyone loves feeling welcomed and appreciated. Customers are more receptive to warm greetings that give them a taste of what to expect. Use this opportunity to draw their attention to the perks they’re getting now that they’ve signed up. Don’t forget to thank them!

It’s around 48.9% more likely for consumers to open a welcome email than a normal one. That makes them crucial for business. Their open rate is 68.6%, while it’s around 19.7% for standard mail. 

Welcome emails have a phenomenal ROI. It’s about three times more than standard marketing campaigns.

You’ll also see increased engagement from potential customers. At least 33% of consumers will show more interest in your business if you send them a welcome email.

Our advice: Set up an automated welcome email system. These programs help you communicate with your customers moments after they sign up. It saves you time and boosts efficiency.

3. Create personalized and segmented email content

Everyone has different interests and preferences. Not all your services or products will appeal to all your customers equally. That’s where personalization comes in handy.

Directly addressing your consumers helps to build loyalty and generate business. They appreciate knowing you value them and that they aren’t another number to you. It’s more personal to thank them for their continuous support and use their name in the email.

Another way to personalize your email marketing and content is segmentation. This approach involves categorizing and splitting your customers based on their interests. You’ll attract more attention by appealing to unique preferences. In turn, you encourage more clicks and traffic.

The effects of segmented emails are beneficial. Consumers open these types of emails 14.31% more than generalized ones. Personalized mail also has a click-through rate of 100.95%. This figure is much higher than standard campaigns.

Address your clients with their names when you’re sending emails. You’ll stand out from other generic content, and people love when you get personal with them. For example, offer them a birthday voucher or loyalty coupon. It increases the likelihood that they’ll keep supporting you.

Don’t overdo this step. There’s a fine line between genuine personalization and obvious marketing emails. Keep most subject lines de-personalized, or you risk scaring customers away.

Segmentation is better, as it gives consumers control over what they want to see from you. Provide them the option to “tick more” of what they want to see. You can cater to their interests and avoid spamming them after they select their choices.

4. Tease readers, don’t provide full content

This one may seem obvious, but many emails still contain an entire blog post or newsletter. It’s like watching a film trailer that spoils the story. You won’t enjoy the movie as much if you know what will happen.

The same goes for emails. You want to tease your readers and encourage them to read the full story on your site. If you give them everything in the initial message, there’s no reason to open the CTA. They continue with their day, and you’ lose clicks and visits.

Keep the body of your email fresh, entertaining, and enticing. Highlight some prominent points, but don’t give too much away. These features will intrigue your readers, and they’ll likely spend more time on your site.

The same principle applies to your website pages. Inviting visitors to get your email for “exclusive content” motivates them to sign up. You can put extra content that isn’t available on your site into your mailing messages. It keeps people interested.

5. Set up a referral program

Personal referrals drive decisions far better than generic recommendations from marketers or adverts. Loyal customers are more likely to recommend your business to family and friends. They’ll also tell others about your products or services.

Set up another CTA for referrals in your emails and site posts. It gives your clients the chance to invite more people to your brand. Add a rewards program or special discounts for each referral. These incentives motivate your customers to generate more website traffic.

6. Use search engine optimization in your emails

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Google’s global reach is undeniable. 80% of internet users access it. Your business will benefit from search engine optimization (SEO)

How can you take advantage of these facts?

  • Match your target audience’s search intents. It makes it easier for prospective customers to find you.
  • Services like Google AdWords help to boost your presence.
  • Links on external sites drive more traffic to yours. 
  • Microsoft Ads on Bing are also fantastic supplementary tools. They can enhance your SEO performance by impressive margins. 
  • Optimize your website and content for search engines. It’ll put you at a competitive advantage, help you rank high, and stay on top of the result pages.

What does this have to do with email marketing?

Well, all these aspects are connected. For example, successful SEO practices involve keywords. They’re essential to use in your emails. 

Let’s say the topic of the week is your latest product. Use the relevant long-tail keywords in your email and your blog or product page. They will boost your SEO and bring more traffic in.

The client might read your email at an inopportune moment but want to return to it later. In most cases, they’ll turn to Google to search for the topic. Your page is more likely to pop up if it has the same keywords you used in your mail.

Another excellent email SEO practice is linking to your social media pages in the body of your text. Create compelling content with attractive visuals in your message. 

These attributes increase the likelihood of consumers clicking your CTA. It also encourages them to share the information with others.

7. Send feedback emails

Feedback emails work like surveys. They allow consumers to give you their opinions, suggestions, and complaints. Constructive criticism helps you improve your business and your customer relations.

People love this level of engagement because it helps them feel seen and heard. Consumers who provide feedback want improvement in your brand. They’re more likely to remain loyal, long-term customers if they see positive changes.

These emails give you invaluable insights into what appeals to your customer base. The data tells you how your business, campaigns, and consumer relationships are doing. Stick to what works and change what doesn’t; you’ll thrive better in the long run.

Bonus strategy: Use organic searches

Organic searches are unpaid advertising methods. They don’t rely on paid search campaigns and account for 53% of internet traffic. This figure is in stark contrast to paid searches, which contribute to 10%.

We recommend combining email marketing with organic search results and proper SEO practices. These factors can produce phenomenal results for your business. 

Generate better organic traffic to your site by:

  • Using targeted keywords that match popular search queries.
  • Setting up backlinks to high authority sites. These external links improve your website rankings and credibility. Collaborating with other businesses to link to yours will also boost your SEO.
  • Placing internal links in your site’s pages so visitors can navigate across your site with ease. 
  • Optimizing your content with high-quality information, images, and meta tags. Include these in your emails as well, so that all your content connects seamlessly.
  • Using a site audit tool to crawl and analyze your website’s pages. The analysis will highlight areas that are performing well. It’ll also inform you of specific SEO factors that could use improvement.

You should aim to incorporate several successful techniques into your advertising approaches. Social media, email, paid adverts, high SEO, and affiliate marketing all work hand-in-hand. They all help to improve and upscale your business.

Keep it fresh, and stick to the strategies that work. Don’t bombard your customers with robotic emails. Instead, cater to what they want, and they’ll keep coming back.

Don’t forget to add a catchy subject line!

Tap into unrivaled strategies to stay ahead of the curve

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Email may seem outdated, but it’s responsible for some of the highest ROI in marketing channels. More small, medium, and large businesses are tapping into this medium. It helps them generate better leads and improve client relations.

You also have the potential to extend to more prospective customers. Over four billion internet users have email, so appealing to them is essential. Not everyone has social media, so you’re also reaching a more extensive network of consumers.

Email marketing is efficient, affordable, and easy to set up. It allows you to enhance consumer loyalty and cater to their interests.

Don’t hesitate; start boosting more aspects of your business today. Put an email sign-up button on your website. Then, build your mailing list to see significant improvements. Book a consultation with Kakadu Media, and we’ll help you get your brand on top of the game.

Happy marketing!

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