Video Production and Video Marketing

Video Production/Marketing

Come to us with an idea, leave with an effective and beautifully polished video. We do it all, from scripting to shooting to post-production. And that’s when it gets really interesting for Kakadu’s video optimization ninjas.

Video Ads

Getting the best bang for your ad bucks isn’t easy. It takes attention, experience, and knowledge to know whether YouTube or Facebook video ads are best. Kakadu Media can help.

Video Branding

We give your brand a voice! It’s our motto, and we live it for our clients.

We bring the same meticulous attention to video branding our clients as we do to our advertising and marketing videos. Our aim is to build your brand in a powerful, 4D way with video, bringing together the right message, expressed in the purest manner, with the core of who you are, powerfully articulating your business values and style.

Video SEO

Video SEO is an emergent field, and Kakadu Media is one of the few agencies in the country to specialize in it. Let us put the power of video to work for you on a whole new level.

Video SEO can work for you in many ways:

  • You might want to have a video blog, to build reputation and grow a list of subscribers.
  • You might want targeted videos to grow your local business from clients in the immediate area.
  • You might want to repurpose and share existing company videos or recorded seminars.
  • You might want a new channel to monetize.
  • Or you might be looking to increase conversion rate by engaging with customers on a whole new level.

Cognitive science marketing

Cognitive marketing, or marketing rooted in cognitive science starts from small things, like knowing what your customers like, to complicated concepts like embodied metaphors and associations. Ultimately, it helps getting your point across in a fast, effective and easily digestible way.


Build effective sales language

Imagine trying to explain your offer to your customers in a foreign language. Exactly, it does not work. Often when you communicate with your potential clients, be it online or in person, it makes sense for you but not for them.

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