91% of B2B marketers use content marketing. But just 36% are effective.

Video Production and Video Marketing

Our videos are built around your priorities and goals. Is it an ad, a reputation-building video, or are you looking to connect with new clients? Whatever your goal, we will work closely with you to ensure the end result gets you the results you are looking for!

  • We will take the time to carefully discuss the video goals and requirements in advance, plan the video and provide you with clarifying questions and all the information you need ahead of time.
  • We make filming a fun and relaxed process for you, so that the result is more “you” than a stiff presentation.
  • Filming might be fun, but we take care to create high-quality, effective business videos that will get you exposure, credibility, and conversions!

Video Marketing

Your beautiful video needs the right audience. We help your video get to the right people.

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Kakadu Media, Vancouver video marketing company was born out of recognition for the power of YouTube marketing and online video marketing. We believe that it is cool and powerful to reach out to a wide audience across the web using video marketing. Using