Attention Span in 2015

While not being anything new (big brands like  LouisVuitton, Mercedes, etc. used it for a few decades), cognitive science becomes more of a necessity than luxury as advertising becomes more competitive and attention span smaller (less than 9 sec.)
Cognitive science marketing

In a nutshell, one of the possible applications of cognitive science marketing would be using conceptual, embodied metaphors that clients most often use when describing the problem the business solves or product it serves. This would allow the customer to make an emotional choice faster and increase the product/brand/service recognition. Such strategies are very effective for both brand awareness and direct response marketing, where you measure success by the number of sales.

Making sure that the advertising is ethical and not manipulative is crucial here and we are proud to be standing up for socially responsible advertising that does not have hidden subconscious messages that contradict the conscious message.

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