How big is the gap between video production and cognitive science? Not as big as it might seem. Because, most likely, you are not looking for a “viral video” that everybody likes and watches. You need to create a message with a specific goal, specific audience and taking into consideration the platform they will watch it on. As video production becomes more accessible, the expectations of your audience become higher too. You need to make sure you address the right points and know exactly what your viewers want or expect to see, what will make them confident or concerned.

Even when you are looking at search driven platforms like YouTube, engagement and relevancy are crucial and grow in importance every day. Google’s search engine can actually “listen” to video to determine and analyze the relevance of the content and use it to rank the website. The result is that pages with relevant video have a 50% higher chance of being ranked than those without. But it’s not as simple as just uploading a video. You need to know how to create targeted “content on demand” that is only then optimized. Kakadu Media shows you how to and makes it easy (as easy as 2 hrs a week to build your YouTube channel).

Possible topics for discussion:


  • Subconscious messages in video advertising.
  • Using cognitive science to create your perfect customer pitch.
  • From formal to selfie. What videos are appropriate for businesses, when and where.
  • Bacon, females and burgers, all in one ad to make you stop thinking.
  • 7 Myths about Video for Business.
  • SEO for Your Website: not about Keywords and Tags Anymore.
  • How to Bring Thousands of Dollars in Your Business Learning One Simple Video SEO Technique.
  • What Google Can Teach You About Video.
  • Want To Have A More Appealing Video for Your Business? Read This!


  • Starting a Business as a New Immigrant: What to Be Ready for.
  • My Biggest Pitfalls Starting a Company in Vancouver.
  • A Business Woman’s Perspective on Work-Life Balance in Vancouver’s Tech Startup.

NEWS: The Top 7 SEO Trends That Will Dominate 2016, Forbes.


Julia Vorontsova is the founder of Kakadu Media and an SEO expert with over seven years’ experience in the marketing industry.

She was featured at Business in Vancouver, Small Business BC, presented at Microsoft Excellence Centre as well as listed among 30 Top video marketers at wowmakers best video tools article.

She currently heads Kakadu Media video marketing team and teaches how to create effective marketing videos for business through Langara College’s Continuing Education Department. She has learned video SEO from top industry experts in California and was awarded the Local Video Marketer competition prize as the most improved local video marketer in 2015.

Julia has worked on projects in both China and Canada for some well known businesses. She has an MA from UBC in cognitive science and Asian studies and has researched conceptual metaphors, focusing on their use in successful national and international advertising. She is fluent in four languages, including Mandarin and Ukrainian, and is passionate about socially responsible advertising. Julia’s vision is to help business owners make both impact and profit with video.

Articles and Workshops:

  • Video Marketing workshop at the Greater Vancouver Home Builder Association
  • Best Video Marketing Tools Recommended By 30 Experts
  • Cognitive Science & The Fear of Impact (podcast). Make it Snappy Productivity show for business owners. Florida.
  • Event Report: 7 Steps to Growing Your Nonprofit With Youtube Videos (live event with video), NetVan, Vancouver, BC.
  • PANEL: Global Entrepreneurs in Vancouver (Panel). Vancouver Innovation Crunch and Microsoft Excellence Centre, Vancouver, BC.
  • How to Plan and Produce A High Quality Video in 4 hours or Less (live event, workshop). The Nest, Vancouver, BC.
  • How to be a successful business woman in a man’s world. (Live event), Young Women Entrepreneurs Club, Vancouver, BC.
  • How video can change your biz: Interview with Julia Vorontsova (podcast for medical professionals), Maximize your business podcast. Ontario, Canada.
  • Video has become a vital marketing tool (article). Business In Vancouver. Peer to Peer.
  • Creating Targeted Video Content to Reach Your Customers, an Article for Small Business BC.
  • Video SEO in a Nutshell (workshop description only) at Spring Activator, Vancouver BC.

Recent workshop:

Youtube Marketing in a Nutshell. Create and rank an effective marketing video for business to drive free traffic and build expertise on Youtube. Langara Continuing Studies. Registration page(scroll down for the workshop)

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