91% of B2B marketers use content marketing. But just 36% are effective

Kakadu Media with their strong team of industry-focused marketing professionals creates strategies for businesses that want to contribute to the social good and collaborate with charities and non-profits. Kakadu Media uses our deep connections with the film world across North America to quickly and efficiently assemble a custom team for each of our clients' projects. This keeps overheads low and allows us to support a wide variety of professional photographers, videographers, editors, directors, stylists and other freelancers. Talk to us about putting together the perfect team for your project!

At Kakadu Media, the customer is a part of the team. We’re glad to have you onboard!
Julia Vorontsova Founder and Video Marketing Strategist Julia is the founder of Kakadu Media, and a passionate advocate of the power of video. After getting her MA in Cognitive Science and Asian Studies research, she joined the business world as a marketer, where her fluency in four languages came in handy.
Over the course of her career, she became aware that when it comes to engagement and results, video wins every time. It finally reached the point where she left the secure corporate world behind and struck out on her own, founding Kakadu Media to specialize in video production and video SEO marketing.
Along with a flexible team of production and marketing ninjas, she and her husband run Kakadu Media from beautiful their office in Vancouver's West End. Together, they are staking out their little corner of Hollywood North, with a growing client roster of small and medium-sized businesses and nonprofits.
Julia is inspired by the chance to help business owners achieve their dreams with the help of video SEO and marketing, and that's why she founded Kakadu Media.
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Ming Li Executive Director and Business Jedi Ming is a co-founder of Kakadu Media. He is focusing on business development and executive strategy of the company. Ming has a diverse background including a Master's Degree in Physical Rehabilitation. After travelling the world doing physical rehabilitation and sports medicine he was inspired to transition to executive business travel consulting, helping other professionals move around the globe more easily.
His executive and academic background enable him to bring a global perspective to Kakadu Media. From Beijing to Vancouver, he takes a business approach to giving your company the best marketing strategy for your business.
His passion is helping grow businesses into major companies by connecting them to the right people at the right time.
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Dmytro Korol Branding King Dmytro is the master of video branding. He translates your brand into a high end professional video, capturing the essence of your business and how it benefits potential clients.
He brings his talent and experience with reknown brands such as Colgate, Lufthansa, Coca-Cola to help shape your brand with video.
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Olivier Leroux 360 Video Producer Olivier is a pioneer of 360 video. He has been experimenting with virtual reality and 360 video since 2013. He has filmed 360 video in more than 10 different countries and is currently working on an immersive travel series, along with a short feature film. Read More
Domenico Cutrupi Producer and Director Domenico Cutrupi is the founder of Lumberwitch Films and a video producer, director and editor with over ten years’ experience in web, film and television production and post-production. Read More



We work with businesses who want to provide value for people and make their lives better. We also find the shared market between charities and corporations and target specific demographics to get tangible results.

Our team of production and web ninjas is custom-assembled for each client, giving your project their full attention.

Our mission is to help inspiring businesses create positive change in the world. If that’s you, let’s have a coffee!


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