360 Videos

Is 360 the Future of Advertising?

360 videos offer near-real experience that appeal to the psychology of the consumer. Businesses now have the opportunity and the right technology to help them make their brand stand out. It’s not just about creating a videos you can watch in 360. 

  • Creating meaningful meaningful experiences for your customers. You can make a greater impact because people have more trust in experiences they can control. 
  • Build a loyal trusting community by allowing your brand audience be here with you, inside the scene.
  • Keep ongoing communication with your VIP/priority customer list by showing them what is possible. Ideal for high ticket items, travel and real estate to attract high quality buyers.
  • Integrate VR 360 video in your marketing strategy to benefit from reaching to customers across channels. 

Case Studies

  • How BC Green Party got the record 3 seats in parliament, and gained 4.5 mln. Impressions for the cost of a single flyer drop.
  • How a salesforce consulting company got 100% sales increase in 3 months with video marketing.
  • How Vancouver Home Builder Association increased their membership enrollment by 20% and generated $10,328 in sales with a brand new online course averaging $60 each.
  • How a brand got explosive youtube growth: from 6 Million Views per month to 60 Million monthly views over the 1 year period. Many of the videos on topics and formats we have suggested have achieved virality with multiple videos reaching over 1 Million views within the first month of release organically. 
  • How a celebrity review video got 60% audience retention (people watched 60% of the whole video on average after they were shown a skippable youtube ad).
  • How an Illusionist got 65k paid views at less that 2 cents each and 15% of free organic views on top of it as a result of a short 1 month video campaign. 

Design Your 360 Experience